Assorted Color Polyester Sewing Thread

If you are dealing with clothes repairs, you will adore the CK thread set for a sewing machine! It has 39 assorted colors and each one has a length of 200 yards. They are made of polyester and represent the perfect tool for garments stitching, bed sheet linings and other art projects that you have in mind.

They are the standard weight sewing threads with great quality on small spools. However, they do not break or snap easily. And do not worry about the intensity of the colors because they are vivid and you get a lot to choose from. However, just like any other thread on the market, this too has disadvantages.

Assorted Color Polyester Sewing Thread

Assorted Color Polyester Sewing Thread

Great color selection (39 vivid colors)
Standard weight sewing threads
Great quality on small spools
Great deal for the price you pay
Super versatile and hard to break

Not the best choice for high-end projects

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