Magnetic Welding Holder

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Magnetic Welding Holder – Welding magnets are used in many ways when tacking or holding your work piece. There are also welding magnets used for securing to the job connection instead of a clamp. This category contains the many different welding magnets that we stock including welding magnets with on off switch.

These magnetic welding positioners are great for holding sheet metal, tubing, and plate while fabricating or welding. High quality extra strong magnets hold work firmly in place. See our selection of on/off switchable magnets for ultra handy repositioning and cleanup.

Ideal for quick and precise parts positioning in welding, soldering, marking off and other assembly processes.
Designed to be an extra pair of hands to the user,enabling hands free to work safely.
This powerful magnetic welding positioner effectively holds parts to help reduce setup time and improve quality of welding finish. Featuring a convenient on/off switch to release parts, positioner will hold parts at 30°, 45°, 60°, 75°, 90°, 135°, Angular Tolerance: +/-0.05/100mm, Pull Force: 9/ 25/ 30/ 55/ 65/ 75LBS or Customized .


Magnetic Variable Clamps

Magnetic Variable Clamps

Magnetic Variable Clamps, Magnetic Weldtool Variable Clamp, magnetic tool holding, Variable Magnetic Clamp, Weld Tool Variable Clamp Magnets China Supplier and Manufacturer Magnetic Variable Clamps Technical Specifications Part No.: HSMVC-1 Packing quantity: 1 Magnetic variable clamp Dimension: Length 7,68 in, Height 0,43 in, Width 7,87 in Temperature: 120 ºC or 248 ºF Color: red Weight: […]

Magnetic Mitre Clamps

Magnetic Mitre Clamps

Magnetic Mitre Clamps, Magnetic Mitre Positioner Clamps, Magnetic Clamp pull 150 lb – 220 lb, Powerful Alcomax magnet, Mitre Clamp China Supplier Magnetic Mitre Clamps Feature: Simple, inexpensive method of clamping flat and round components at angles of 45 and 90 degrees. Powerful Alcomax magnet material provide maxium pull of 100kg and 68kg Plain ended […]

square welding magnet

Square Welding Magnet

Square Welding Magnet, Square Magnetic Clamp, MagSquares, Magnetic Mounting, Welding Clamp Magnet, Magnetic Base, Woodworking Tools, Square Magnets, On/Off Magnetic Workholding Square Square Welding Magnet / Square Magnetic Welding Fixer Technology Data: Part No: HS-MWC1 Dimension: H 71mm  – HS-MWC1-50 H 85mm  – HS-MWC1-100 H 140mm  – HS-MWC1-450 Pull Off Force: 50, 100, 450 (kg) Weight: 0.70, 1.50, 7.0 KG Feature: 1. The max. magnetic force […]

magnetic clamp

Magnetic Clamp

Magnetic Clamp, Magnetic Welding Squares, On/Off Magnetic Work-holding Square, Square Magnetic Clamp, Magnetic Mounting, Magnetic Base, Woodworking Tools, Square Magnets Magsquares, Welding Magnets & Strong Magnets for Welding Magnetic Clamp Square Technology Data: Part No: HS-MWC3 Dimension: a 48mm  – HS-MWC3S a 65mm  – HS-MWC3M a 75mm  – HS-MWC3L Full Saturation Thickness: 4mm, 6.5mm, 10mm Pull Off Force: 60, 120, 185 (kg) […]

square magnetic clamp

Square Magnetic Clamp

Square Magnetic Clamp, Switchable Magnetic Square, MagSquare, Magnetic Mount, Welding Clamp Magnet, Switchable Permanent Magnets, Position Magnetic Clamp, Magnetic Welding Squares, Magnetic Welding Ground Square Magnetic Clamp Technology Data: Part No: HS-MWC2 Dimension: a 48mm X w 31.5mm X h 70mm – HS-MWC2S a 60mm X w 41.5mm X h 70mm – HS-MWC2M a 69mm X w 51.5mm X […]

magnetic balancing regulator

Magnetic Balancing Regulator

Magnetic Balancing Regulator, Recommended Magnetic Balancing Regulator, Automatic Balancing System, Magnetic Balancing Regulator for Welding, Magnetic Balancing Regulate Chuck, Magnetic Welding Fixer Magnetic Balancing Regulator Feature: Part No: HS-MBR Dimension (mm): L1 L2 L3 W1 W2 W3 H1 H2 165 175 850 290 375 138 95 155 Max magnetic foce(Kg): 1000 Weight: 29 KG 1.It is […]

600 Amp Switchable Magnetic Ground Clamp

Switchable Magnetic Ground Clamp

600 Amp Switchable Magnetic Ground Clamp, Switchable Magnetic Ground Clamp with Fins, Magnetic Welding Ground, Grounding Magnet, 600A Switchable Magnetic Welding Clamp, On/Off  Switch Magnetic Ground Clamp Magnetic Ground Clamp Technology Data: Part No: HSMWGC1-600 Dimension: A 62mm X B 34mm X C 95mm X D 36mm X E 55mm Amperage: 600A Weight: 0.54 KG 600 Amp 74566 lets welders quickly […]

magnetic welding ground clamp

Magnetic Welding Ground Clamp

300 Amp Magnetic Welding Ground Clamp, On/Off  Switch Magnetic Ground Clamp, On/Off Magnetic Welding Ground Clamp, 300A Switchable Magnetic Ground Clamps, Magnetic Ground Clamp with Fins, Grounding Magnet Magnetic Welding Ground Clamp Technology Data: Part No: HSMWGC1-300 Dimension: A 60mm X B 32mm X C 71mm X D 36mm X E 42mm Amperage: 300A Weight: 0.37 KG On/Off magnetic welding ground clamp […]

On Off Magnetic Ground Clamps

On/Off Magnetic Ground Clamps

On/Off Magnetic Ground Clamps, 200A On/Off Magnetic Welding Ground Clamp, Switchable Magnetic Ground Clamps, Grounding Clamps & Magnetic Welding Ground Clamps, Shipyard Magnets, Welding Magnets Magnetic Ground Clamps Technology Data: Part No: HSMWGC1-200 Dimension: A 60mm X B 32mm X C 64mm X D 36mm X E 35mm Amperage: 200A Weight: 0.27 KG On/Off magnetic welding ground clamp […]

Multi-Angle Switchable Magnetic Clamps

Multi-Angle Switchable Magnetic Clamps

Multi-Angle Switchable Magnetic Clamps, Switchable Fixer Magnet, Multi-Angle Magnetic Welding Clamp, Clamp Magnet Square, Magnetic Ground Clamp Switchable Magnetic Clamps Technology Data: Pari No: HS-MWC7M Dimension: A 126mm X W 69mm X H 90mm Angles (Degrees): 90,45/135, 105/75, 60/120 Pull force: 120 KG Weight: 1.04 KG This multi-angle magnetic clamp is suitable to fix iron plate, tube, stick, angle […]

switch magnet

Multi-Angle On/Off Switch Magnet

Multi-Angle On/Off Switch Magnet, Small Switch Magnet, Mini On/Off Switch Multi Angle Welding Magnets, 180 ° On/Off Switch Magnetic Welding Fixer, Multi-angle Magnetic Clamp, Workholding Angle Tool Switch Magnet Technology Data: Pari No: HS-MWC7S Dimension: A 99mm X W 55mm X H 80mm Angles (Degrees): 90,45/135, 105/75, 60/120 Pull force: 60 KG Weight: 0.56 KG This multi-angle magnetic clamp is […]

magnetic workholding tool

On/Off Multi Angle Magnetic Workholding Tool

On/Off Multi Angle Magnetic Workholding Tool, Magnetic Multi Welding Angle, Magnetic Welding Angle with Ground Clamp, On/Off Switch Welding Angle Magnets, Welding Magnets & Clamps Magnetic Workholding Tool Technology Data: Pari No: HS-MWC6M Dimension: A 114mm X W 69mm X H 90mm Angles (Degrees): 45°,90°,135° Pull force: 120 KG Weight: 1.0KG This multi-angle magnetic clamp is suitable to fix iron plate, tube, […]